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The Guardians of Values

By Borer Chemie

"Central Stersdepot" is a place where people work heroically every day to promote values such as patient and staff safety, high-quality and hygienic equipment conditions, and cost efficiency. But these values are being threatened by dark forces such as pathogens, organic and inorganic residues, cost and stress: their only aim is to bring about disruption.

In order to avoid having to fight this energy-sapping battle against these dark forces alone, the people of "Central Stersdepot" are seeking support. Superpowers help to ward off these dark forces, just like competent and reliable sidekicks.

As Guardians of Values, the heroes of "Central Stersdepot", their superpowers and their tireless sidekicks make RUMED/CSSD history every day

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The Hero

Day in and day out, the RUMED/CSSD heroes make an important contribution to keeping the clinic running. In addition to ensuring patient and staff safety, it is also important to protect the clinic’s valuable equipment, maintain the integrity of its washer-disinfectors and autoclaves, and ensure that the regulatory requirements for reprocessing medical devices are met. And all this with high cost efficiency despite a shortage of skilled workers. Really heroic!


1. Safety for patients and staff
When reprocessing medical devices, patient and staff safety is paramount.

Clean instruments are the basis for successful sterilisation, which ensures the safety of the instruments when used on the next patient.

Staff protection is increased by wearing personal protective equipment and minimising manual reprocessing.

Challenges in reprocessing medical devices, equipment and instruments

  • Contamination that leads to persistent residues on medical devices
  • Increasingly complex instrument designs with hard-to-reach locations
  • Long waiting times between the operating room and the RUMED/CSSD that cause residues to dry and make cleaning more difficult

Recommendations from Borer process specialists

Use chemistry with exceptional cleaning power; a formulation with cleaning power in reserve to deliver results, without manual pre-cleaning, even after longer waiting/stand times.

2. Preserving the value of the equipment

Factors such as poor water quality, harsh conditions during sterilisation, inorganic residues, rust, etc., can have a harmful influence on equipment. With optimal reprocessing procedures, maintaining your instruments and WD and steriliser chambers, and regular inspections, the value of the equipment can be preserved.

Challenges in maintaining the value of the equipment

  • High repair, replacement and new acquisition costs due to discolouration, stains and rust
  • Difficulty in assessing cleanliness due to inorganic residues
  • High physical stress and autoclave failure due to removing rouge via abrasive mechanical processes such as grinding, electropolishing and pickling

How we can help you maintain the value of your equipment

  • Carry out deep cleaning and passivation process to reduce repair costs and ensure the equipment is protected
  • Derouging with a gentle and effective process; this is also possible without major disruption in your day-to-day operation

3. Employee satisfaction

Patient protection starts with employee satisfaction; having a safe working environment for your team is essential to ensuring RUMED/CSSD functions smoothly and delivers the very best outcomes for patients.

Challenges in employee safety and motivation

  • Risk of infection from sharps and stick-injuries during manual pre- and post-cleaning procedures
  • Physical demands of high-volume manual pre- and post-cleaning procedures
  • Recruitment and retention of skilled team members

How we can support you

  • Reducing manual pre- and post-cleaning procedures by optimising the reprocessing process
  • Shifting a large part of the cleaning work from manual to mechanical by using powerful chemicals in the washer-disinfector
  • Reducing the workload on employees by minimising work on the dirty parts

The Superpower

Like all heroes, RUMED/CSSD staff rely on a superpower: deconex® cleaning and disinfection products. With these products, fighting dark forces such as infections, residues, cost and stress becomes much more effective and efficient. The deconex® superpower ensures that the workload at RUMED/CSSD is reduced and the heroes can concentrate on their essential work. This superpower also brings back an instrument’s shine and ensures that all stainless steel instruments are coated with a protective passive layer. No hero wants to miss out on this!


1. Instrument cleanliness

  • Join thousands of RUMED/CSSD’s around the world in relying on our portfolio of proven, high-performance and efficient deconex® products for every cleaning stage when reprocessing medical devices.
  • The deconex® chemistries achieve their best performance in an optimised cleaning process: both in terms of cleanliness and preservation of service life and by reducing the overall costs of reprocessing your instruments.

2. Maintaining your instruments’ value

Contamination and inorganic residues on stainless steel instruments lead to damage and significant repair costs and replacements. Preserve the value of your stainless steel instruments in four steps:

Four steps to preserve the value of your stainless steel instruments

Step 1: Alkaline deep cleaning removes all organic residues

  • Manual: deconex® 36 BS ALKA
  • Automated: deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x

Step 2: Acidic deep cleaning removes all inorganic residues

  • Manual and automated: deconex® 34 GR

Step 3: Passivation generates a thick protective layer

  • Manual and automated: deconex® 34 GR

Step 4: Cause analysis and optimisation of your reprocessing

  • e.g. automated with deconex® TWIN xpert System

3. Cost reduction in the reprocessing cycle

deconex® TWIN xpert makes it possible!

The Sidekick

With all their knowledge and skills, the RUMED/CSSD heroes call on the support of a sidekick for special technical challenges. Borer Medical’s service and application technicians in direct sales have years of experience in providing advice and support to optimise reprocessing procedures and are available to provide advice and support to the RUMED/CSSD heroes. As a team, heroes and sidekicks master the toughest challenges!


1. Optimal reprocessing procedures

With the products from our deconex® portfolio, you can achieve excellent cleaning results when reprocessing your medical devices. With an optimised cleaning process, you can also preserve the value of your equipment and save on overall costs.

The Borer service and application engineers are always at your side to advise, support and accompany you in process optimisation.

2. Maintaining the value of equipment

Looking inside an older steriliser often reveals the effects of the harsh environment during steam sterilisation: extensive, reddish-brown discolouration. This material could be transferred to the medical devices being reprocessed, it makes a visual assessment of cleanliness after manual and automated reprocessing more difficult or, in some cases, impossible. This can become a potential source of risk for patients or lead to high repair and replacement costs.

Let’s not have it come to that! Take advantage of professional derouging by our service and application engineers.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Material-friendly derouging thanks to our unique, mild formulation
  • No demands on RUMED/CSSD personnel
  • Autoclave derouging and passivation in one process

3. Further service offers

Borer training courses

  • Optimised reprocessing outcomes depends on many influencing factors: the choice of suitable chemicals, water quality, type of contamination, etc.
  • We share our know-how, built up over decades as product and process specialists in various training courses.

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