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Healthmark Industries is a renowned leader in providing innovative and cost-effective instrument care and infection control solutions. They also offer essential education and support to healthcare organisations.

Since 1969, Healthmark Industries has been developing and marketing innovative solutions to help healthcare facilities deliver surgical instruments and other medical devices to patients. Their solutions include effective cleaning products, validation and verification tools for the cleaning process, packaging and other accessories for proper sterilisation, storage and delivery of surgical instruments, and tools to identify and secure emergency and other life-saving supplies and equipment.

Healthmark Industries will continue to innovate, support, and serve the healthcare provider and the support services to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare.

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Healthmark Education: Knowledge is Power

Healthmark Education: Knowledge is PowerHealthmark Industries is recognized as an industry leader in the sterile processing, endoscopy, and infection prevention professions within the medical field. Healthmark industries believe that knowledge is power, but the real power is sharing that knowledge with others. To support the healthcare professionals in the device processing and infection prevention areas, Healthmark remains committed to providing free high-quality continuing education programs. We offer nationally renowned speakers for your healthcare system or professional society meeting, either virtually or in-person. We have a library of accredited webinar programs that offer CE credit for sterile processing technicians, nurses, and infection preventionists. Healthmark also maintains an extensive line-up of podcasts called “Ask the Educator.” Additionally, the Education Team at Healthmark can provide professional feedback to clinical questions from healthcare facilities based on current industry standards and professional society guidelines.

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