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MERMED Hose tapAt Mermed, we constantly invest in technology and research to create innovative products that protect patients and staff. Our surgical and medical supplies and services are designed to streamline medical procedures and eliminate risk.

Our high-quality products comply with all the standards set out by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare and the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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Customised electric height adjustable stainless steel sinks from Mermed are made to order. Custom sinks are designed around any size department. Mermed’s sink design is informed by research that details the hazards of sitting for long periods and working at the correct height when sitting or standing.

Our intelligent plumbing design allows clean drainage, so the sink will height adjust up and down without any leakage. The stainless steel splashback protects the wall and makes cleaning easy, and the tops feature anti-spill edging to contain liquids.

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Sinks Available for Customisation:

  • Stainless Steel Electric Sink:
    • Our electronic sinks have simple push-button controls to lift and lower the sink height. With a travel height of 290mm, the electric sinks cater to all heights.
  • Stainless Steel Static Sink
    • Our sinks can be built with various faucets, hoses, or spray nozzles and are custom-made to the lengths required in a department. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and develop a solution that will work for you.
  • Sink Checklist: Create your own Sink

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Our stainless steel benches are a stylish, highly functional solution for the contemporary work site. Ergo benches are available with stainless steel tops, offering a low-contaminant, high adjust, and durable option for sterile workplaces. Each bench comes with a warranty of five years on electrical components and ten years on stainless steel parts.

Easy cleaning, hygiene, and durability are paramount in medical, healthcare, aged care, and catering settings. As with our ergo benches, the stainless steel benches can be tailored to suit your specific sector needs and custom-made to order.

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Height Adjustable Workstations Available for Customisation:

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Storage Racks & Baskets

Medical wire-form baskets are essential to any healthcare organisation or workplace where cleanliness and sterility are paramount. They are designed to help medical professionals maintain the sterility of their critical medical instruments, equipment, and parts. The organisation and cleaning of these instruments and parts help to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace or medical setting.

These wire-form baskets are available in stainless steel or chrome and are manufactured in Australia, with a warranty. They are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The wire-form baskets come with optional mounts and dividers, allowing for easy customisation to satisfy the specific needs of any healthcare organisation or workplace. The quality of the wire-form baskets ensures that they are long-lasting and durable, providing a reliable solution for maintaining sterility and cleanliness in healthcare organisations and other critical workplaces.

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Storage Racks and BasketsAvailable Range of Racks Baskets:

  • Instrument Tray Rack:
    • Sterilizer Instrument Rack [1] - One Piece
    • Sterilizer Instrument Rack [2] - Two Piece SET
  • Workstation Mounted Wire Baskets:
    • Panel Basket [100 x 160 x 85 mm] - 1.6 Wire, 9x9mm Grid Opening
    • Large Basket [140 x 440 x 280 mm] - 25mm Grid Base
    • Small Basket [140 x 220 x 280 mm] - 25mm Grid Base
  • Stainless Steel Baskets:
    • Wall Basket (with mounts) - Stainless Steel, Electro Polish
    • Open Wire Shelf (with mounts) - Stainless Steel
    • Open Wire Shelf (with mounts & divider) - Stainless Steel

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Storage Chrome Wire ShelvingStorage Chrome Wire Shelving

Mermeds Chrome Wire Shelving units are fantastic for healthcare facilities because of their capacity to be tailored to the exact needs of a specific department and hospital. Their healthcare range includes free-standing units in various sizes with optional accessories for extra flexibility.

They’re also practical and efficient. They can be installed inside operating rooms, hospital corridors, and any other location where space is constrained.

Each chrome wire shelving unit level can carry about 100 kilograms. You can change the units based on your storage needs, adding or removing levels when necessary. You can also select units based on length. Buy more units or levels as and when you need them. They are a cost-effective way to handle your organisational storage needs.

They can also be fitted with support posts, allowing limitless customisation. You can purchase chrome wire shelving accessories to customise your units and maximise your space even further.
These chrome wire shelving systems are easy to clean, avoiding potential contamination. This makes them a suitable choice in controlled environments where cleanliness is paramount.

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Our wide variety of chrome wire shelving units is perfect for any space. Look at some of our chrome wire shelving systems today to see if they’re right for you. If you’d like to know which shelving units would be ideal for your space, please get in touch with us.

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Contact our team for all enquiries about our Mermed Healthcare Range can be forwarded to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003