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We are a total solutions providerWe are a total solutions provider.

In Vitro Technologies offers Infection Control Solutions to the Australasian market and is regarded as the supplier of choice by our customers. 

In Vitro Technologies is about dedicated service, industry knowledge, and professionalism. With an experienced sales team and highly trained service engineers in every state, In Vitro Technologies is considered the preferred partner for quality products and service across all Infection Control in Healthcare areas.

Our Mission Statement

We are a total solutions provider Moving your Sterile Solutions into Tomorrow.

Our mission is simple, to offer total CSD solutions at the highest standard possible. We are innovative, thorough, and we want to keep our customers informed and intact with their CSD.


Our Offering

By committing to the ongoing support of research in Australia and overseas, we deliver innovative and progressive technologies to keep up with the changing industry of Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilisation. We are a Total Solutions Provider and we are Moving Your Sterile Solutions into Tomorrow. We facilitate all areas of the Sterile Services, Operating Suite, and Endoscopy Departments for Infection Control requirements. Our product ranges cover, but is not limited to: unique detergents with quality assurance tests; washer disinfectors; ultrasonic cleaning devices; sterilisers; and sterilising consumables.

Our History of Achievements

DJI 0026Mobile CSD Solutions

In Vitro Technologies is proud to be the first company in Australia to offer this innovative service to the Australian market. The hire of a Mobile Sterilising Department (CSD) during a refurbishment of an existing CSD department allows for the reprocessing of instruments to continue, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to Central Sterile Services supply during this time. In Vitro’s Mobile CSD’s are a fully functional and compliant sterilisation department with footprints ranging from 68sqm (3 module), 82sqm, (3 module) or 100sqm (4 module). The modules are fully equipped and assembled on site to provide a turnkey CSD. In Vitro is constantly innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions for our customers and is currently developing a 120sqm, 5 Module Mobile CSD. This will provide a solution for CSD departments undergoing refurbishment who require a high reprocessing capacity.

borer chem solutions11Borer Chemical Solutions

Providing a successful outcome to discolouration and residues in washer disinfectors – In Vitro Technologies’ infection control team identified discolouration, damage, and residues of a customer’s washer disinfector unit. Using PROZYME ALKA we eliminated the formation of a hard layer (lime deposits, scale) in the washer, damage to instruments, and risk to patients. Additionally, we reduced the number of chemicals in the department and provided a significant cost saving to the hospital.

Infection Control Team

Greg Dart

Product Manager

Greg has worked with In Vitro Technologies for over 14 years, and has over 30 years experience in the Medical Industry.

Currently Greg is the Product Manager for a range of products within Australia and New Zealand for our Infection Control business. His world leading agencies include; Borer Chemie, Medisafe International, Pereg GmbH, Elma and Healthmark Industries.


Bree Brown

Product Manager

Bree Brown has over 15 years of marketing experience with multinational companies in the pharmaceutical industry and have worked in the infection control space in Australia for more than 5 years, both for capital and consumables market.

As Product Manager for the Infection Control business in Australia and New Zealand, Bree looks after Hawo, Amcor/SPS Medical, HMTS, Crosstex, Segetex, Arjo and Hufper.


Mark Kingston

Major Projects Manager and Project Associate

Mark Kingston is part of the In Vitro Technologies Major Projects team – providing services in design, project management, and total solution packages to hospitals and laboratories in the life science and industrial markets. Prior to joining In Vitro Technologies, Mark spent 15 years in the product identification industry, in a sales and design capacity – servicing customers in the food, pharmaceutical, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

About In Vitro Technologies

In Vitro Technologies is a Scientific and Medical distribution company specialising in the sale and support of scientific, clinical diagnostic, medical and related products. The company was established in 2002 and is 100% Australian owned by the multi-generational family company with over 1,200 employees throughout Australia and New Zealand - JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd.

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