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Hawo Heat Sealers and Testing Systems –Setting new standards in CSD

The Hawo Heat Sealers and Testing Systems provide Surgeries and CSD units with perfectly validated and process reliable packaging of sealable pouches and reels in accordance with ISO 11607-2

We supply high quality products covering every stage of the packaging process. Our new heat sealers surpass all predecessors offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability.

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Hawo© hm 950 DCV-VI Nanopack

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  • Validatable Sealing Process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2 and the international guidance ISO/TS 16775
  • Touch screen which makes operation and validation easy
  • Integrated fontmatic printer
  • DataMatic – USB Data Transfer.
  • DocLink-can be linked to batch documentation system
  • SizeMatic – allows to upload length of a device
  • Intelligent Scan Programming – can be operated with a scanner
  • Provides outstanding peal properties that do not fray (SealPeak seam are 12 mm)
  • Available in stainless steel, diamond black, white and orange colour

Hawo© hd 680 DE-V/DEI-V

  • hawo 2Validatable Sealing Process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2 and the international guidance ISO/TS 16775
  • Suitable for handling high number of instruments in small and mis sized medical instituions
  • Reproducible sealing results
  • Easy maintenance
  • Interphase connections for external tracking system (DEI-V)
  • Energy saving – permanently heated sealing system and automatic stand by function when not in used (DEI-V)

Hawo© Testing Systems

hawo 3Hawo Seal Check/Hawo Seal Check HDPE – indicator strip for seal integrity. The seal indicators make defective areas visible on dark indicator strips. The Seal Check HDPE is for clear pouches and reels made from Tyvek/film.

 Hawo Ink Test PRO/Ink Test PRO HDPE – is a single use push and pop ink test for routine testing of sealing seams as per ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F 1929. Any irregulaties that occur (e.g. channels) become visible immediately after the single use cartridge is used. The Ink test PRO HDPE is suitable for Tyvek packaging.

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