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HUMAN MEDITEK is a global prestigious brand that contributes to the international medical community – with new plasma technology, and plasma sterilisation products.

Innovative Technology for Human Benefits

HUMAN MEDITEK aims to achieve sustained, long-term growth by providing high-quality sterilizer, and by contributing to the realization of an innovative technology.

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HMTS is the Best Answer!

HUMAN MEDITEK provides a new plasma sterilizer to sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments.

Leader of Next Generation Plasma Sterilizer more +

There are few companies in the world that have the ability to develop and produce plasma sterilizers. HUMAN MEDITEK is one of them.

With globally recognized technologies, HUMAN MEDITEK established a research center to develop various plasma sterilization products.

HUMAN MEDITEK has become a global prestigious brand that contributes to the international medical community with new plasma technology, and will continue to make tireless efforts to be the leader of low-temperature sterilization.

HMTS-Series registered in more than53 Countries world-wide, Participated in over 45 Medical Device Exhibitions and Sterilization Congresses for over decade.


HMTS-142 is the most advanced low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer from Human Meditek. With the large 142L chamber and optimized cycle options, HMTS-142 allows the customers to process more loads* and a wide variety of medical devices quickly, safely and efficiently.

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Contact our team for all enquiries about our Human Meditek Range can be forwarded to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003