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In Vitro technologies: a total solutions providerTo request any additional resources or information about any products In Vitro Technologies offers contact our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003

Solution for your Gynaecological practice

Gynaecological practices demand precise and reliable instrument reprocessing to maintain the highest standards of patient care and infection control. Miele Washer Disinfectors emerge as the optimal solution for gynaecological practices seeking safe, efficient, and sustainable instrument reprocessing.

Reprocessing for ENTs

Miele Washer-Disinfectors are the optimal solution for ENT practices seeking safe, efficient, and sustainable instrument reprocessing instrument reprocessing. Their compact design, durability, efficiency, and sustainability make them indispensable assets for any ENT facility looking to enhance its reprocessing capabilities.

Ophthalmology Reprocessing

Ophthalmology practices demand meticulous instrument reprocessing to uphold stringent standards of patient safety and infection control. Miele Washer-Disinfectors emerge as the premier solution perfectly suited to these facilities' unique requirements. With their compact footprint and adaptable features, they seamlessly integrate into ophthalmology practices, delivering cost-effective and efficient reprocessing solutions

Elmasonic MED Series

Elmasonic Med is the series of efficient ultrasonic cleaning devices associated with the reliable pre-cleaning of medical, dental and surgical instruments and implants.

CSSD Solutions of Tomorrow

In Vitro Technologies is a leading provider of mobile sterilisation department solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is simple, to offer total CSD solution, Theatre, Endoscopy, Dental sterilisation solutions.

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Steelco LC80 Training

Steelco LC80 Training

All enquires about our Steelco Medical Range can be forwarded through to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003

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Derouging of Discoloured Sterilisation Chambers

Borer Chemie: Maintaining the quality of medical instruments is essential for their longevity and functionality in healthcare settings. One way to achieve this is through periodic chemical deep cleaning and passivation with deconex® 34 GR, which refresh and rebuild the possibly damaged passive layer of the instrument...

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