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In Vitro Technologies is a leading supplier of Infection Control Solutions in the Australasian region.
We are committed to providing dedicated service, industry expertise, and professionalism that sets us apart in the market.
Our experienced sales team and highly trained service engineers are present in every state, making In Vitro Technologies the preferred choice for quality brands, products, and services across all areas of Infection Control in Healthcare.
Our customers regard us as the supplier of choice due to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our International Partners

Aktormed Robotic Technologies

Aktormed Robotic Technologies and systems are increasingly gaining ground in the medical sector. Specifically in the field of surgical robotics, surgeons are being assisted by these systems more and more frequently. It is not a question of replacing the surgeon but of enhancing his or her skills.

AKTORmed, the German market leader in robotic assistance systems that guide endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery, boasts more than ten years of experience. In this context, our SOLOASSIST II platform sets an industrial benchmark regarding flexibility, functionality and operability. At present, we are addressing interventions in general surgery, urology and gynaecology.

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Borer Chemie AG

Borer Chemie AG is a globally active manufacturer of products for demanding cleaning in the industrial sector, hospital hygiene, the laboratory and pharmaceutical sector, as well as hand and surface disinfection.

We create added value for our customers through efficient cleaning and disinfection processes and thereby support them in their day-to-day work. We have been manufacturing the products of our deconex® and decosept® brands at our headquarters in Switzerland for over 50 years. With our subsidiaries in Germany and China as well as our network of distribution partners, we ensure the worldwide availability of our broad portfolio of proven brand products.

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Crosstex is one of the leading healthcare providers of earloop face masks, sterilisation packaging, patient towels/bibs, and plastic cups.

Crosstex serve the healthcare community as a leading global manufacturer providing solutions for better infection control, prevention, and safety through everyday products such as face masks, sterilisation pouches, and environmental barriers.

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Elma is a leading international company in the field of ultrasonic and steam cleaning technology. With a wide product range of ultrasonic and steam cleaning devices and in-house developed and manufactured cleaning chemicals – Elma serves a wide range of industries and markets.

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most modern processes for cleaning a wide variety of materials and components. With ultrasound, the most diverse cleaning goods can be freed from dirt and other contamination in the shortest time and without any damage.

Elmas powerful Elmasonic ultrasound cleaning devices are designed for different cleaning tasks and applications.

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Hawo Heat Sealers and Testing Systems – Setting new standards in CSD.

The Hawo Heat Sealers and Testing Systems provide Surgeries and CSD units with perfectly validated and process reliable packaging of sealable pouches and reels. We supply high quality products covering every stage of the packaging process. Our new heat sealers surpass all predecessors offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability.

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Healthmark Industries

Healthmark Industries prides itself as being a leader in providing innovative and cost-effective instrument care and infection control solutions, as well as essential education and support, to healthcare organizations.

Since 1969, Healthmark Industries Company, Inc. has developed and marketed innovative solutions to aid healthcare facilities in their delivery of surgical instruments and other life saving medical devices to patients. These solutions include: Products for the effective cleaning, validation and verification of the cleaning process; Packaging and other accessories for the proper sterilization, storage and delivery of surgical instruments; Tools to identify and secure emergency and other lifesaving supplies and equipment.

Healthmark will continue to innovate, continue to support and continue to serve the healthcare provider and the support services that make it possible to deliver quality healthcare.

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Human Meditek

With globally recognized technologies, HUMAN MEDITEK established a research center to develop various plasma sterilization products. Innovative Technology for Human Benefits

HUMAN MEDITEK aims to achieve sustained, long-term growth by providing high-quality sterilizer, and by contributing to the realization of an innovative technology.

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Hupfer are a highly qualified manufacturer and supplier of top-quality products for the CSD environment. Made from stainless steel, and other quality materials – the range includes stainless steel mesh baskets for washers, packing tables, case carts, sterilizers, and the operating theatre.

Hupfer develops and produces systems and products precisely tailored to each individual logistics function. This product range allows the sterile goods cycle to be configured so that an unbroken process chain is created. The vast scope of each of Hupfer‘s product lines permits customised support so as to render daily tasks more efficient, economical, ergonomic and smooth-running.

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The Matachana Group is involved in designing, manufacturing, commercialising, and representing international brands that offer integral solutions for hospital equipment within the sterilization centre, anatomical pathology, and special contaminated waste treatment.

Matachana Group has a rich history with low-temperature sterilization technology, which has developed parallel with steam sterilization processes. With this, Matachana completes its range of low-temperature sterilizers and consolidates its expertise and experience in this field. It is the only manufacturer that has designed and built all the existing systems.

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Medisafe's principal activities include ‘sonic irrigation’ equipment and accessories for Sterile Processing / CSD, with a focus on decontamination / infection prevention.

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Mermed Australia

At Mermed, we constantly invest in technology and research to create innovative products that protect patients and staff. Our surgical and medical supplies and services are designed to streamline medical procedures and eliminate risk.

Our high quality products comply with all the standards set out by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare as well as the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration

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Miele Medical Range

In Vitro Technologies is pleased to be an exclusive distributor of the Miele Professional Medical product range in the Australasian market. The Miele Washer Disinfectors and Bedpan Sanitisers provide economical and efficient reprocessing solutions for healthcare and aged care facilities; such as hospitals, clinics, day surgeries, nursing homes and general practices.

Our Miele medical reprocessing equipment adds value for customers requiring a small footprint machine for the safe and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of reusable medical devices. Miele Washer Disinfectors are the ideal solution for allied health due to their compact footprint and economical and efficient operation. Miele Professional Medical equipment offers dependability -  investing in a product that provides top performance, quality, durability and sustainability.

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Pereg GmbH

Pereg GmbH offers a special range of indicators and test methods for washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, and manual cleaning procedures.

In 1997 we asked ourselves: How can one neglect the most important step when reprocessing surgical instruments? If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterile was a common phrase but there was not much standardisation, quality assurance, or enough science behind cleaning processes.

Now PEREG GmbH is the leading company for cleaning monitoring when reprocessing surgical instruments. This was achieved by believing in the importance of cleaning and knowing the science behind it. In cleaning we do not use standardised parameters as in sterilization, therefore monitoring a cleaning process needs to be achieved in a different way: Tests for cleaning efficacy must be adapted to the practical situation.

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SPS Medical

SPS Medical (Formerly Amcor) Flexibles is a world leader in the sterilization packaging market. The SPS Medical Flexibles is the essential partner in all aspects of sterilization of medical devices and the fight against infection in the hospital environment. 

The company introduced the first fully peel off pouch, the first non-woven film pouch and the first 2 surface SMS peel off pouch. Quality control takes place both on raw materials and the complete chain of production. The SPS Medical quality assurance system is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

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Steelco SpA is an Italian company leader within the production of devices and apparatus for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization – specifically designed for the medical, laboratory, research, and pharmaceutical industries.

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