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Pre-treatment of medical devices with Borer deconex® FOAM ACTIVE

If infected medical devices such as surgical instruments are left to stand for an extended period between their last use and being reprocessed in the CSSD, soil can dry on the instruments and corrosion may occur.

This can result in costs for repair and replacement of instruments, and reprocessing of sets of dirty instruments. Thanks to its special enzymatic formulation, deconex® FOAM ACTIVE not only prevents dried-on contamination but also protects against corrosion - for up to 72 hours.

For further information on why you should use deconex® FOAM ACTIVE for the pre-treatment of surgical instruments, download our product brochure. Samples can be requested through completing the form provided.

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deconex® FOAM ACTIVE

The specialist for the manual pre-treatment of surgical instruments.

deconex® FOAM ACTIVE is a ready-to-use, mildly alkaline cleaning foam based on a special combination of four different enzymes that break down impurities (protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase) and other substances to keep surgical instruments moist and protect them from corrosion.

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