Elmasonic 'S' Series Ultrasonic Baths


Whether in the laboratory, doctor's surgery, at the optician, jeweller or watchmaker, in industrial companies or service workshops, the Elmasonic S units with their functional equipment and ultrasound frequency of 37 kHz are ideally equipped for different cleaning tasks.

The Elmasonic S series comprises a range of 16 machine sizes (0.5 to 90 litres filling volume) and microprocessor-controlled functions such as Sweep and Degas. Temperature and cleaning duration can also be selected manually and indicated using an LED indicator.

Product Options Included:
S10, S10H, S15, S15H, S30, S30H, S40, S40H, S60, S60H, S70, S70H, S80, S80H, S90, S90H, S100, S100H, S120, S120H, S130, S130H, S150, S150H, S180, S180H, S300, S300H, S450H, S900H

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