Duck Bag™ Humidity Pack

Keeping soiled instruments moist for transport and storage prior to instrument reprocessing

  • Instrument humidity pack
  • Pre moistened – ready for immediate use
  • 4Zyme sachet included – Works at room temperature
  • Heat sealed bag is easy to use & single use
  • Available in 3 sizes:
    – Half DIN 420mm (16.5”) wide x 470mm (18.5”) deep
    – Full DIN 400mm (15.7”) wide x 780mm (30.7”) deep
    – Super Size 600mm (23.6”) wide x 1000mm (39.3”) deep

The Medisafe Duck Bag™ is a pre-moistened instrument bag, designed to maintain a safe and sealed humid environment for contaminated instruments. It can be used for the following applications: Domiciliary care, Out of hours emergencies, overnight and weekends and as a pre-soak if waiting for a full load (w/d). No addition of water required: bags ready for immediate use Prevents gross bioburden from drying on instrument.


P: 1300 552 003