Alkaline cleaning, rinsing and descaling agent


deconex 41 STS ALKA is used for the prevention of lime scale and as a cleaning and rinsing agent in automated decontamination machines for bed-pans, urine bottles, secretion glasses and other disposal receptacles and utensils.

deconex 41 STS ALKA is particularly well suited for those machines which contain acid-sensitive components (e.g. copper, cast iron) and also for machines which dose the product directly into the steam generator.


deconex 41 STS ALKA prevents the formation of deposits on items to be cleaned, on machine walls, in nozzles and pipes. The mild alkaline product also prevents formation of boiler scale in the steam generator.


Complexing agent, corrosion inhibitor

Information on use

Thoroughly rinse suction lines before a change of the product.

Material compatibility

Suitable for: Stainless steel, copper, cast iron, plastics, glass

Not suitable for: Aluminium

For materials not mentioned please make your own specific compatibility tests or consult Borer Chemie AG.

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