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Miele x Borer Chemistry Special

In Vitro Technologies has partnered with Miele and Borer Chemie to offer you a 20% discount on selected Borer Chemistry [ 28 Alka One-x & 41 Clear Rise Aid ].

28 Alka One x

28 Alka One-x
41 Clear
  • An acidic ecological rinse aid to support the reprocessing of instruments in washer-disinfectors.
  • For stainless steel instruments ONLY
  • Available in 5L Canister [BOR50372000KK5R]
  • Go to Borer for more information : Rinse Aid

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In Vitro Technologies is the only distributor of Miele Washer Disinfectors and Bedpan Sanitizers, which is perfect for Hospitals and community healthcare facilities. Borer Chemie produces cleaning products for hospitals, labs, pharmaceuticals, and hand and surface disinfection.

The ideal chemistry for our tailored solution to protect your patient, people and practice. The Miele PG 8582 / CD Washer-Disinfectors can clean, rinse and thermally disinfect reusable medical devices such as those use in surgeries, hospitals and outpatient clinics. Go to Miele for more information on PG 8582 / CD Washer-Disinfectors

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Note: The above chemistry is ONLY suitable for the reprocessing of stainless steel instruments and medical devices.

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Contact our team for all enquiries about our Miele Medical Range can be forwarded to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003