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Over the last two decades, thermal reprocessing has become widespread in the field of cleaning and disinfection of urine bottles and bedpans. Not least because these processes can be validated and free up the user during reprocessing. The use of the product in these appliances is very simple and depends
primarily on the parts installed in the bedpan unit. Choosing the right product not only determines the quality of the cleaning, but also the lifetime of the equipment.

Customers around the world trust the advanced and safe reprocessing of medical devices in CSSD using products from our deconex® range. 

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Like all heroes, CSSD staff rely on a superpower: deconex® cleaning and disinfection products. With these products, fighting dark forces such as infections, residues, cost and stress becomes much more effective and efficient. The deconex® superpower ensures that the workload at CSSD is reduced and the heroes can concentrate on their essential work. This superpower also brings back an instrument’s shine and ensures that all stainless steel instruments are coated with a protective passive layer. No hero wants to miss out on this!

Reprocessing of Bedpans & Utensils

deconex® 41 STS ALKA 

41 STS AlkaAlkaline cleaning, rinsing and descaling agent

  • + Cleaner and limescale inhibitor
  • + Good cleaning performance
  • + Prevents deposits on the load and in the bedpan washer
  • + Suitable for bedpan washer with components sensitive to acids
  • + Available in:
    • - 5L Canister
    • - 10L Canister

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Minimal risk of contamination thanks to automated processing of bedpans and equipment with deconex® 41 STS / deconex® 41 STS ALKA 

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