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endofix imageThe Endofix exo is an intuitive, passive support robotic arm for holding and guiding the endoscopic camera for minimally invasive intervention in ENT and Skull Base Surgery. The Endofix exo is a revolutionary new technology allowing surgeons to take back control and utilise a 2 handed operative technique.

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The Endofix exo emulates an arm which is capable of guiding and positioning an endoscopic camera with a large degree of movement. Addressing the trend of using a rigid endoscope and camera to illuminate the operative field instead of an Operating Microscope, which creates a larger and more diffuse spread of light to the operative field. This technique is being more widely adopted by Otorhinolaryngeal surgeons due to the improved visualisation.

The Endofix exo allows the surgeon to position the endoscope and hold it in place. Resulting in the ability to actively use both hands, along with a stable shake free image, for the more complex and demanding requirements of the surgical procedure without any fatigue. The Endofix exo frees up the hand of the surgeon, previously reserved for holding the endoscope and camera in place, essentially giving the surgeon a 3rd hand for the whole of the procedure. The position of the endoscope and camera remains steady, even in the most extreme positions, which is highly desirable in most Otorhinolaryngeal and Head and Neck surgical procedures.

Surgical Strain

The benefits of the Endofix exo:

  • Sleek Design which attaches directly to the Operating table via a quick coupling clamp.
  • Easy to set position.
  • Can be set up quickly and is ready for use in a few minutes.
  • Does not occupy a lot of valuable floor space close to the operating table.
  • Precise endoscopic positioning.
  • Large and unique range of movement.
  • Stable, tremor free image unaffected by fatigue.
  • Simple and intuitive operation.
  • Unhindered access to operative site - no bothersome components impeding the operative area
  • Better ergonomics for surgical staff and potential for reducing injury.
  • Relieving pressure on valuable employees, allowing the surgical assistant to focus on more fully
  • on exacting tasks rather than holding the endoscope
  • Immediately reusable.
  • Always available, including those times it may be difficult to find an assistant for example after
  • hours and weekends
  • Compatible with the existing equipment such as operating tables, endoscopes and imaging
  • systems including 3D, 4K and 8K.
  • Very minimal maintenance required.
  • Low ongoing consumables cost.
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Case Study

exo testiThe Endofix exo Clinical trial has been completed by Professor Suren Krishnan, Dr Guy Rees, Dr Andrew Foreman predominantly for Intra Oral Microlaryngoscopy approach; in the treatment of oral carcinoma and base of tounge conditions, sleep apnoea treatments and injection of vocal cords and other anatomy.  Dr Michael Schultz for Intra Nasal sinus surgery and Endoscopic ear procedures.

Other surgical specialities that may benefit from the Endofix exo; include Endoscopic Ear surgery; Anterior and Posterior Skull Base surgery, minimally invasive Neuro and Orthopaedic surgery (particularly for ACL reconstruction, Arthroscopic shoulder repairs, and endoscopic hand surgery).

Functional Design

Passive support arm for Endoscope positioning

exo visionStable OP field of vision

  • The system provides surgeons with a stable and rock-steady OP field of vision, even in extreme endoscopic positions.
  • The wide scope of movement provides surgeons with full visibility of the OP site - without any restrictions. There is no need to alter one’s customary way of working.

Safe and sterile procedures

  • The stable image allows surgeons to work in a more relaxed manner, maintaining a reliable view of essentials.
  • Even extreme camera positions can be maintained for as long as required, which is a considerable advantage over manual camera control.
  • The front support arm is also autoclavable.
  • The device as such is covered by a sterile single-use drape.

endo joystickDynamic manual positioning

  • At the push of a button, the arm can be moved and pulled into the required position. When the button is released, the arm is locked immediately, remaining in the set position.
  • The unlocking button is located on the distal end of the arm in an easily accessible position.

Straightforward docking

  • Docking the system to the operating table is very simple thanks to the quick-coupling device. If conversion is required, the support arm can be uncoupled from the operating table in just a few seconds.
  • After the procedure, the arm is simply hung onto the trolley.The trolley is fully mobile and is used for storing the ENDOFIX exo.
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