Water quality is key to the performance of chemical cleaning agents. In particular, hard water binds up detergent molecules, preventing them from breaking down the contaminants. Further, these molecules are often a source of staining and pitting of surgical instruments. Enzymes used in enzymatic detergent are highly influenced by the pH level of water. An improper pH level can lead to the partial or complete inactivation of the enzymes relied upon to breakdown the soil on instruments. Total alkalinity measures the amount of alkaline buffers in water. These alkaline substances buffer the water against sudden changes in pH. Total alkalinity is the key to maintaining water’s balance. Can you see water quality? With the AquaTest™ strip you can. In less than 30 seconds, this simple to use test shows you all three key water quality statistics: pH, Alkalinity and Hardness. With the easy to interpret color change these values can be measured and recorded for the thorough documentation of water quality. Hardness is measured from soft (0) to very hard (1000 ppm CaCO3). pH is measured from very acid (2) to very alkaline (12), encompassing the optimum range for enzyme cleaners. AquaTest™ reports Total Alkalinity from 0 to a high level (500ppm CaCO3).
ProFormance Cleaning Verification - AquaTest

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