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Steelco range of Peracetic Acid AER’s offer the ability to process Three GI scopes in 30 min on HLD cycles or Sterile cycles in the complete range of AER’s.  With a Endoscopy machine to cover any departments processing requirements from single scope units up to three scope per cycle processing available.

As part of the solution for redevelopments or new installs Steelco offers a range of Pass-through or non-pass through configured machines on the smallest footprint currently available. Which allows you to utilise and maximise your department’s space.

In Vitro Technologies has a range of products to assist with the decontamination of scopes, from bedside through to your endoscope decontamination suite.  We offer a total unique solution to your endoscope reprocessing requirements, guiding you through the entire process.

steelco endo

Key Features of our Endoscopy Range

endo range

  • Fully ISO 15883 Part 1-5 to meet all current directives
  • Sterile  cycle for all critical  thermolabile endoscopes
  • Toe probe reprocessing  capability
  • Unrivalled reprocess capacity
  • EW 2 2S: up to 2 endoscopes - up to 6 video bronchoscopes per batch
  • EW 2 3S: up to 3 endoscopes - up to 9 video bronchoscopes per batch
  • Best capacity/footprint ratio


Bedside cleaning after the procedure

scope pre cleadMedisafe Scope Pre-Clean (MEDIM20190)
Pre-mixed enzyme and contoured sponge bedside pre-cleaning kit.

duck bagMedisafe Duck Bag (MEDIM20359)
The pre-moistened Medisafe Duck Bag™ prevents soiled endoscopes from drying, during transportation from point of use to decontamination.

hang time label1 Hour Indicator Hang Time Label (HEMHTK-1H)
According to the IFU of popular model flexible endoscopes, the cleaning of the device must commence within one hour of post-procedure bedside cleaning. Designed to be a visual reminder to healthcare workers, the single-use indicator is a small 19 x 32mm tamper-proof label that is applied to a self-looping label.


Cleaning endoscopes at the sink

EPW100Steelco EPW100
allows the complete assistance of manual cleaning, taking care of the most stressing repeated actions (syringe flushing & rinsing) and drastically reducing the risk of errors.

knight dosingKnight (KNI7165068)
dosing pump to be wall mounted to dose pre-set detergent amount into the sink with the touch of a button.

borer activeBorer Prozyme ACTIVE (BOR52470500KK5W)
BIOFILM removal detergent deconex® PROZYME ACTIVE is a highly effective, neutral multi-enzyme detergent, which can be used for manual cleaning prior to automated reprocessing in soaking bath and ultrasonic bath. It is particularly suitable for manual cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopes since being specifically designed to remove BIOFILM.

Endoscopy BrushesEndoscopy Brushes (HEMCC200200, HEMCC230400, HEMCC230600)
Various sizes and styles available.

healthmark elevHealthmark Elevator Mechanism Brush (HEMEMB002)
To clean around the forceps elevator area of duodenoscopes and other endoscopes with an elevator mechanism such as ultrasonic endoscopes.

Pyromol EPyromol E (PER7707006A, B, C, D, X)
Various sizes swabs – 1.0mm, 1.7mm, 2.8mm, 3.8mm & 5.0mm Detection of protein residue in endoscope channels. For routine monitoring and validation of the cleaning efficacy. Pyromol E will detect protein residue after manual or automated reprocessing.

elma s10Elma S10 or S15 Ultrasonic Bath (EL1005507, EL1004626)
The new Elmasonic S units are suitable for cleaning scope buttons and are available in 16 different sizes ranging from 0,5 litres to 90 litres. State-of-the art microprocessor controlled ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology.

sonocheckSonoCheck (Pk 30) (PER3055030)
SonoCheck is used to monitor the ultrasonic energy level during the ultrasonic cleaning. The SonoCheck is also used to measure the performance of the individual transducers during the functional test.

Washing, High Level Disinfection/Sterilisation

Automated Endoscope Reprocessor (AER)

ew 2Steelco Range EW1, EW2
Steelco EW 2 is developed for the treatment of all types and brands of flexible. The machine has been developed and certified to fully comply with the ISO 15883-1 and ISO 15883-4 directives and it incorporates all the latest innovative technologies.

ivt cleanIn Vitro wash detergent & Sterilent for EW2

FlexiCheckFlexiCheck test piece (PER04000001) & FlexiCheck (PER2024025)
Routine monitoring and validation of cleaning efficacy. Endoscope washers need to be regularly monitored. The FlexiCheck-system is a unique product for monitoring the cleaning efficiency of the Flexible Endoscope washer. Flexible Endoscopes are often contaminated with mucus however blood is also a possible contaminant. TOSI-FlexiCheck combines 2 x different test soils on one test stripe: One is the standardised blood test soil and the second is a polysaccharide mixture. FlexiCheck will monitor the efficiency of the washer and the detergent.

Drying & Storage

ED100Steelco Drying Cabinets
(ED100, ED150, ED200, ED250)
Steelco drying cabinets protect endoscope from recontamination.
Warm sterile air is used to blow through each internal channel and over all surfaces to rapidly dry both the inside and outside of the flexible endoscopes while they are in the cabinet. This ensures that endoscopes are well ventilated at all times.

Hydrocheck EHydrocheck E (PER7708006A, B, C, D various size swabs)
can detect a very small amount of residual water inside an endoscope channel to avoid recontamination during storage – especially if no hepa filtered air cabinet is used.

7 day7 Day Indicator Hang time Label (HEMHTK-7D)
To activate the indicator simply press the blister at the base of the strip, and upon activation a safe dye migrates along a seven-day display run-out window.

value bagsValve bags (all in Pkt100)
HEMVB604GN Valve Bag-Green
HEMSVB604WTCLN Secure Valve Bag-White-with Clean Lok
HEMSVB604WT Secure Valve Bag-White-with Num Lok
The Green Mesh Valve Bag and the Secure Valve Bag a tough, lightweight plastic mesh bag helps ensure the traceability of these critical endoscope components after reprocessing by keeping the valves and scope together. Simply place the valves in the bag then tie to the scope. The scope is now
ready for the next procedure. Once in the procedure room remove the valves and dispose of this inexpensive single use item. The Secure Valve Bag features a tamper evident seal.

Testing Products

now testNOW Test (HEM1000SK & HEM1000)

Test is to check flexible endoscopes for Gram-negative bacteria after reprocessing.

Flexible Inspection ScopeFlexible Inspection Scope (HEMFIS005)
For visually inspecting the cleanliness of a medical device such as lumened instruments. Combined with the integrated USB Camera it can capture and document the internal condition of lumens using the software.

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