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Amcor Flexibles is the world’s largest manufacturer of pouches and bags for healthcare packaging. The peelable webs, films and laminations used in our pouches and bags are manufactured within Amcor Flexibles to assure the quality and service you deserve. Customised pouches and bags are designed using a wide variety of features and materials to meet the specific barrier requirements, opening features, dimensions, and performance requirements of your applications.

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Amcor Flexibles SPS invented the first 100% peel-off pouch in 1996. Since then, BOP® pouches and reels have become the most popular preformed Sterile Barrier Systems (NF EN ISO 11607-1) in the world, used in more than 85 countries.

amcor 1Amcor Flexibles SPS has always aimed to offer quality levels in accordance with the continuously rising standards in hospital sterilisation.

BOP® offers users an effective microbial barrier while guaranteeing the effective flow of the sterilising agent and a peel-off system which provides aseptic conditions on opening. Through medical paper specially developed to meet the requirements of steam sterilisation,

BOP® has a 60 g/m2 paper surface which is performance-equivalent in terms of resistance and barrier to 70g/m2 paper. Apart from the ecological aspect concerning the volume of waste to be treated, the reinforced 60g/m2 paper, combined with tear-proof “shatterless” film, offers flexible packaging and easy opening that are incomparable for this type of packaging.

This design completely changed traditional packaging methods (paper bags) and offered users aseptic conditions on opening which until then had been imperfect.

Amcor Flexibles SPS works with the best paper manufacturers in the sector and submits all papers and “barrier” material to stringent quality tests, endorsed by international standards such as ISO, EN and BS.


  • NF EN ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5
  • Medical grade 60g/m2 paper + tear-proof shatterless film
  • Double flow indicator (ISO 11140-1) intrafilm printed EO Steam and Gas
  • Wide range of sizes in all formats (flat, gusset and self-adhesive)
  • No curling on opening
  • Excellent peel-off opening
  • Peel-off direction printed on reels
  • Reduction of noise on opening compared to traditional packaging

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BOP Features

Key Features

A great variety of sizes are adapted to the packaging of all types of medical devices. BOP® can be used just as easily in SBS (Sterile Barrier System) and/or in Protective Packaging, in order to produce Packaging Systems compliant with the EN ISO 11607-1 standard. The chevron ensures easy opening (peel-off) for optimised aseptic presentation.

Great variety of widths. This product allows Central Sterilisation Departments to optimise the packaging of each medical device (length/width). The BOP® flat reel offers most of the characteristics and advantages of the pouch range. The use of reels allows simplified management of the packaging stock for users.

The gusset range comes in pouch and reel format and offers a great variety of sizes, thus allowing large items to be packaged easily and safely.
This range has been designed to meet a recurrent requirement of Central Sterilisation Departments that pack bulky items.

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