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Amcor Laminate and Flexible Packaging –Quality products compliant with international standards: EN 868 -3 and EN 868 -5, EN ISO 11607 and EN ISO 11140

The Amcor Flexibles SPS is a world leader in the sterilization packaging market. The Amcor Flexibles SPS is the essential partner in all aspects of sterilization of medical devices and the fight against infection in the hospital environment.

The company introduced the first fully peel off pouch, the first non-woven film pouch and the first 2 surface SMS peel off pouch.

Quality control takes place both on raw materials and the complete chain of production. The Amcor Flexibles SPS quality assurance system is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

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Amcor© BOP Pouches and Reels

  • EN ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5 compliant
  • Medical grade 60 g/m2 paper + tear proof shatterless film
  • Double flow indicator (ISO 11140-1) intrafilm printed EO Steam and Gas
  • Wide range of sizes (flat, gusset)
  • No curling on opening
  • Excelent peel off opening
  • Peel off directions printed on reels
  • Reduction of noise on opening compared to traditional packaging


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Amcor© Ultra Pouches and Reels

  • High tensile strength (for packaging of heavy and or bulky instruments
  • Performance of “microbial barrier” superior to conventionla materials
  • 3x more resistant to puncture than standard materials
  • Excellent peelability, providing aseptic conditions at point of use
  • Wide range of sizes
  • No defibring, no particulate emmissions


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