hm 780 BR-plus / hm 780 BR-USB / hm 780 BR-Pro

Barcode scanner for easy operation of the hawo rotary sealers with hawo IntelligentScan.

The latest version of hawo’s rotary sealing devices can be operated fully using a barcode scanner, making them even easier to use, and consequently configured for various packaging materials. The hm 780 BR-plus or hm 780-BR-USB scanner read in the custom specified packaging information and assigns it automatically to the appropriate device function.

hm 780 BR-Pro
The hm 780 BR-Pro hawo IntelligentScan Pro barcode scanner is equiped with color display and keypad. All packaging and personal information which are relevant for the packaging process are displayed on the integrated display and the sealing device can be configured directly via barcode scanner.


  • Intuitive operation and configuration of the sealing devices
  • hawo IntelligentScan with hm 780 BR-plus or hm 780 BR-USB barcode scanner compatible with SealCom
  • hawo IntelligentScan Pro with hm 780 BR-pro barcode scanner (hm 780 DC/DC-V only)

P: 1300 552 003