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In Vitro Technologies is a renowned provider of mobile sterilisation solutions for Central Sterilization Departments (CSD) in Australia and New Zealand. We aim to deliver comprehensive sterilisation solutions for Theatres, Endoscopy, and Dental departments at the highest level of excellence. We prioritise dedicated service, industry expertise, and a professional approach to cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Our foundation is built on dedicated service, industry expertise, and professionalism. With a team of experienced salespeople and highly trained service engineers in every state, In Vitro Technologies is widely recognised as the preferred partner for quality products and services in all areas of infection control in healthcare.

We do this by partnering with suppliers like Steelco, Miele, Matachana, Borer, Medisafe, Hawo, and many more world-class suppliers to bring you the very best in:

  • Unique detergents with quality assurance tests
  • Washer disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic cleaning devices
  • Sterilizers
  • Sterilizing consumables

And we back up our products with factory trained service technicians in all the major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Importantly, where In Vitro Technologies differs from our competitors, is via the fact we can provide a complete 'turn key' solution from concept design to commissioning - supported by our own dedicated projects team, service team, product team, account managers and clinical trainer/educators. This ensures our customers are not only supported through every stage of a project, however they continue to receive ongoing support post implementation and for the effective life of the equipment.

Further, In Vitro Technologies is now delivering more solutions in theatre and endoscopy, providing the customer with even greater solutions for any planned future upgrade, redevelopment or new project. 

Steelco and Matachana Sterilization Equipment for In Vitro Technologies CSD

Mobile CSD

Mobile and Crane shot

In Vitro has created a fully functional and compliant Mobile CSD to ensure your site can continue to reprocess instruments during a comprehensive CSD redevelopment. As the CSD department undergoes refurbishment, the Mobile Sterilizing Department (CSD) is working tirelessly to reprocess instruments without causing any interruptions to the supply of Central Sterile Services.

Our advanced equipment and customised modules, in sizes ranging from 56 sqm (2 modules) to 120 sqm (5 modules), ensure a smooth department and staff transition. Our expertly equipped and assembled modules are delivered on-site, offering an unmatched turnkey CSD solution.

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